BADI Enhancement of MSC1N & MSC2N

There are some raw materials which belongs to the group of CELL which is solar cell. Hence these raw materials must contain WATTPEAK at the time of creating Batch. From MSC1N & MSC2N we can create & edit batch classification. The system must check if there is a valid WATTPEAK against a material of CELL group with that particular created batch.

There is no any standard configuration by which system will abort the SAVE option while creating a batch without WATTPEAK. Hence we need to go by Enhancement of MSC2N. There is a BADI named BATCH_MASTER which can conclude this requirement.

From SE18 we can see the Interfaces of that particular BADI. There is a method named CHECK_CLASSIF_BEFORE_SAVE which triggers at the time of SAVE. We will implement that method with our custom logic over there.

Now we need to create our custom implementation at SE19 – create implementation (ZBATCH_CLASS). We can display & edit after creation from the edit implementation field from SE19. Now go to interface and double click the method CHECK_CLASSIF_BEFORE_SAVE.

Now we can write our custom code there to meet the required logic as follows. It will not allow us to save a batch data if we try to enter without WATTPEAK of a CELL material.

  METHOD if_ex_batch_master~check_classif_before_save.
    IF it_values_buffer IS NOT INITIAL AND
       sy-ucomm 'SAVE'  AND
     sy-tcode 'MSC1N' OR sy-tcode 'MSC2N' ).

      SELECT SINGLE atinnsprasadzhlatbez
        FROM cabnt INTO @DATA(wa_cabnt)
        WHERE atinn 811
          AND spras @sy-langu.

      SORT it_values_buffer BY atinn.
      READ TABLE it_values_buffer ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<wa_val>)
      WITH KEY atinn wa_cabnt-atinn BINARY SEARCH.
      IF sy-subrc 0.
        IF <wa_val>-atflv IS INITIAL.
          MESSAGE 'Cell Material must contains Wattpeak'
          TYPE 'I' DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.
          LEAVE PROGRAM.

        MESSAGE 'Cell Material must contains Wattpeak'
        TYPE 'I' DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.