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Saturday, July 20, 2013

List of SRM Transactions

 Below are some common use list of SRM transaction in SRM7.0 and SRM4.0

1. PPOCA_BBP  - Create Root Org.

2. PPOMA_BBP - Change Root Org

3. PPOSA_BBP  - Display Root Org.

4. PPOCV_BBP  - Create Vendor Group

5. PPOMV_BBP - Change Vendor Group

6. PPOSV_BBP  - Display Vendor Group

7. BBPGETVD    - Replicate vendor from back end

8. BBPMAININT  - Manage Business Partners

9. BBP_BP_OM_INTEGRATE - Consistency check for  business partners

10.BBP_PD  Details about Business document

11. SLG1 - Error Logs

12. RZ20  - Application Monitors

13. SMQ1 , SMQ2 - Inbound & outbound queues

14. SA38 / SE38 - For executing reports

15. SM30 - Table maintenance

16. R3AS - For loading jobs (initial load)

17. R3AM1 - Monitoring the loaded jobs

18. R3AC1  - Filter settings for business objects

19. R3AC3  - Settings for customizing objects

20. SE37  - Function builder (executing function module)

21. SWDD - Work flow builder

22. SWB_PROCUREMENT -  Start conditions for work flow

23. SWE2 - Event Linkages

24. SWI6  - Display workflows
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SAP Travel Management tables(TMS)

Here are list of SAP TMS table which contains cost,history,tax of trip.

PTRV_ADMIN                     Travel Management: Administrative Data for

PTRV_APPL_KEY               Application

PTRV_APPL_KEY_TX          Application text

PTRV_ARCH_HEAD             Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_HEAD

PTRV_ARCH_PERIO            Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_PERI

PTRV_ARCHIVE                  Administrative Table for Archived Trip Data

PTRV_BEIH_BEL                  Assignment of Receipts to a Subsidy for Tr

PTRV_BEIH_TAG                  Assignment of Days to a Subsidy for Trips

PTRV_BEIH_WEG                  Assignment of Trip Segments to a Subsidy f

PTRV_BEIHILFE                  Subsidies for Trips Home for Entire Separa

PTRV_CCC                       Error Receipts for Credit Card Clearing

PTRV_CCC_RUNS                  Assign Personnel Number to Credit Card Cle

PTRV_COMM_AMT                  Detail Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Save

PTRV_COMM_ITM                  Header Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Save

PTRV_COMP                      Comparison Calculation Results PS

PTRV_COUNT                     Number of function calls in posting run ma

PTRV_DOC_HD                    Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV in

PTRV_DOC_IT                    Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV int

PTRV_DOC_MESS                  Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: CO Replacements

PTRV_DOC_TAX                   Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV

PTRV_F_CLM                     Columns for Which Suppression in Form Bloc

PTRV_F_CLM_TXT                 Columns that may be suppressed in form blo

PTRV_F_COLDEP                  Display Forms for Texts

PTRV_F_COLDEPS                 Display Formats for Texts (Language-Depend

PTRV_F_FBLK                    Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form

PTRV_F_FBLK_TXT                Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form

PTRV_F_SORTKEY                 Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block

PTRV_F_SORTKEY_T               Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block

PTRV_HEAD                      General Trip Data

PTRV_KMSUM                     Table for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation

PTRV_ME_CCC_RUN                Assign Personnel Number to Credit Card

PTRV_OFFLINE_TXT               Texts for Download to Offline Creation

PTRV_PERIO                     Period Data of a Trip

PTRV_PERNRPREFS                Personalization at Employee Level

PTRV_REASGN_FM                 Conversion of FM Data in Trip (e.g. Fis

PTRV_REDUCTION                 Decision Fields: Change of Statutory Tr

PTRV_ROT_AWKEY                 Assignment of Trip Results to Posting D

PTRV_RPRPOSTD                  Log of Posting Program RPRPOSTD

PTRV_SADD                      Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data

PTRV_SBACKLOG                  Trip Statistics - Batch/Backlog Process

PTRV_SCOS                      Trip Statistics - Cost Assignment

PTRV_SHDR                      Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts

PTRV_SREC                      Trip Statistics - Receipts

PTRV_SUBSTITUTE                ESA Fast Track - Expense Reporter Subst

PTRV_SYNC                      Customizing Synchronization with Offlin


PTRV_T706Z_DNPR                Field Control Screens

PTRV_T706Z_DNPRT               Field Control Screens

PTRV_T706Z_FLDS                Field Names for Field Control

PTRV_TRIP_CHAIN                Table of all Trip Destinations f. Proce

PTRV_TRIP_DELETE               Trips Deleted in SAP System for Offline

PTRV_USERPREFS                 User Profiles in Travel Management

PTRV_WAF_CONFLCT               Offline Travel Management: Conflict Proces

PTRV_WAF_FSEL                  Code Conversion: Screen Field Name into BA

PTRV_WAF_RESTART               Restart File for Mobile Solution with Over

PTRV_WAFGUID                   Logging for Synchronization GUID (DUPRECS)

PTRV_WAFLOG                    Log File for Inbound Container in Travel M

PTRV_WAFLOG_CC                 Offline Log File - Settings

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to transport graphics from SE78

When you go into SE78 transaction there is already button of transport on top left side. Just press this button and then it will ask you for creating a new transport or use the existing one. You can choose one option of them and just add the graphics in that particular transport. Click Here to Read More !!!!